SmallRig mini Follow Focus F40 3010C

SmallRig mini Follow Focus F40 3010C

1. Newly designed silicone gear drives the lens by friction without using follow focus ring.

2. Precise focus control and comfortable feel of damping.

3. Compact and portable, comes with a storage bag.

4. Different mounting positions; compatible with lenses of varying diameters.

5. Freely adjustable AB stops.

6. All-metal locking structure, safe and stable.

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Product Description


SmallRig mini Follow Focus F40 3010C

SmallRig mini Follow Focus F40 3010C, with its exquisite and compact design, aims at providing precise and quick focus control for video shooting. It is made of new materials for optimized zoom control and features an anti-sweat, anti-slip focus knob (inspired by a sports car hub) to feel comfortable. In the box, there is Rod Clamp (with NATO rail) 3011, which can be easily locked to the side or the top of most cages via a 1/4”-20 screw to allow reversing the focus action; a lightweight Silicone Gear (3852), which, when working with the M0.8-43T gear, drives lens through friction, without applying a follow focus ring, shortening your rig list and simplifying installation; and an all-metal 15mm rod clamp with jib, which has improved rotation angle to support different lenses. Adjusting A/B stops helps quickly set the focal length you desire. Besides, a storage case is included for more convenience and portability.


1. The silicone gear is M0.8-43T compatible only.

2. To avoid gear slippage, please ensure the silicone gear fits tightly with the lens ring, particularly for large-damping zoom lenses.

3. The silicone gear only supports SLR / mirrorless lenses. Just remove it before using a cinema lens.

4. The snap-on follow focus gear ring supports the lens with a maximum diameter of 114 mm.

Work With

1: Standard Φ15mm rod

2: Standard NATO rail

3: Standard 0.8 MOD lens and focus gear ring

4: Standard jib and whip pan

Packing List

mini Follow Focus x 1

M0.8-43T Gear x 1

Silicone Gear x 1

Φ15mm Rod x 1

Rod Clamp (with NATO rail) x 1

Snap-on Gear Ring x 1

Screwdriver x 1

Storage Case x 1

Technical Data

Product Dimensions: 111.5 x 60.5 x 83.5 mm

Package Dimensions: 121 × 77 × 182mm

Product Weight: 204g ±5g

Package Weight: 530g ±5g

Material(s): AL6061+ABS+PC +POM9044