SmallRig Lighting Products Experience Event
Dear SmallRig users, SmallRig has prepared free lighting product at our dealer’s showroom awaiting for you to experience. Click to check out where to get the free products.
Application Conditions
Have a certain number of fans or followers. The fans can include but are not limited to Twitter,Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and other social media.
Social media influencers, photography enthusiasts, filmmakers, others related to photography or film-making can apply.
Has a certain understanding of lighting.
Willing to share a behind-the-scenes film, not shorter than 3 minutes, that features SmallRig lighting product that you used in your production.
Benefits of Applicants
1. Enjoy exclusive coupon for purchasing any SmallRig products.
2. Enjoy the right to use a SmallRig lighting product for 2 months without any payment. You can return the light to our dealer or purchase it at a discounted price.
3. High commission over the lifetime of the customers you bring to purchase our products.
How To Apply
Send us your simple personal introduction to us at, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. If you pass the review, we will have a dedicated team member contact you to communicate the cooperation rules.
1. The BTS film must be an original work and the applicant owns complete copyright. The applicant ;
2. If any content cannot be published, please inform and indicate in advance when submitting the work, otherwise it is deemed to agree to authorize the organizer of this event to use the works for commercial purposes without paying other fees.
3. The organizer has the right to unilaterally postpone or cancel some or all of the activities of the contest due to emergency, other reasons beyond the control of the organizer, affecting the management, safety, judgment, or fairness of the competition;
4. The organizer reserves the right to further supplement these rules. If applicant have objections, they can withdraw from the application and notify the organizer in time. However, they have no right to ask the organizer to return any self-incurred expenses due to the participation;
5. The organizer does not legally responsible for disputes that arise from the materials and works participating in the event including but not limited to portrait rights, reputation rights, privacy rights, copyright rights, trademark rights etc. ;
6 The final interpretation of the above activities belongs to SmallRig.