SmallRig Wireless Control Handgrip for DJI RS Series 3949

SmallRig Wireless Control Handgrip for DJI RS Series 3949

1. Modular design: works with wireless controller 3920 to cater to various scenes.

2. Functional buttons: supports videoing / photographing, joystick control, mode switch, centering / locking, sleep mode, and other functions of DJI RS 2 / RS 3 Pro.

3. Wireless control: freely controls stabilizer in an array of scenes (max range: 100m).

4. Multi-scene solution: suitable for sling handgrip, dual handgrip, handheld ring, and monitor.

5. Flexible grip: held forehand and backhand for different operation modes.

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Product Description


SmallRig Wireless Control Handgrip for DJI RS Series 3949

SmallRig Wireless Control Handgrip for DJI RS Series 3949, which is DJI RS 2 / RS 3 Pro compatible, supports videoing / photographing, joystick control, mode switch, centering / locking, sleep mode, etc. from a distance up to 100 meters with a less than 50ms delay, given its excellent anti-interference ability. The remote control has a battery life that lasts for 10 hours, long enough for photographing all day. Its proper magnetic force and four-way limit make for reliable, firm, and seamless installation. This handle supports 3027 in dual-handle remote control and comes with varied mounting holes, like 1/4"-20 threaded holes and ARRI 3/8"-16 locating holes on both sides for the original smartphone holder; a cold shoe mount and an ARRI 3/8"-16 locating hole on the top for Monitor Mount 2905 or 2174; and a side port for wireless focus system. The receiver, made of aluminum alloy and matching perfectly with DJI RS stabilizers in appearance, features a NATO clamp and two M4 screws on the side to be mounted onto 3027, 3026, or 3025, as well as a locking knob for more stability.


1. Not waterproof for there is a lithium battery inside.

2. Max Payload of Receiver: 4kg

3. Max Payload of Handgrip: 8kg

Work With


DJI RS 3 Pro

Packing List

1 x Wireless Control Handgrip

1 x USB-A to USB-C Cable (70cm)

1 x Receiver 

1 x User Manual

Technical Data

Product Dimensions: 169 x 33 x 61.5mm

Package Dimensions:128x196x48mm

Product Weight: 310±5g

Package Weight: 380g±5g

Material(s): Aluminum Alloy, Silicone