SmallRig Screen Protector for Sony Alpha 7C II / Alpha 7CR / Alpha 6700 / ZV-E1 / Alpha 7 IV 3750B

SmallRig Screen Protector for Sony Alpha 7C II / Alpha 7CR / Alpha 6700 / ZV-E1 / Alpha 7 IV 3750B

1. Waterproof, anti-oil and anti-fingerprint.

2. 2.5D arc-rounded edges & 0.4mm touch-accurate control.

3. Fitted via electrostatic nano-adsorption,Anti-Shock: IK03 standard.

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Alcohol wipes or battery items included, please confirm if able to import or export.Especially for country / region:South Korea, India, Taiwan, Japan.
Product Description


SmallRig Screen Protector for Sony Alpha 7C II / Alpha 7CR / Alpha 6700 / ZV-E1 / Alpha 7 IV 3750B

SmallRig Screen Protector for Sony Alpha 7C II / Alpha 7CR / Alpha 6700 / ZV-E1 / Alpha 7 IV 3750B is designed to protect the screen from fingerprints, water spray, dust, and scratches. You can easily paste the protector on the screen via electrostatic adsorption once you align it to the edges of the screen without leaving bubbles. With a 0.4 mm ultra-thin design, which allows for natural, touch-accurate control. The screen protector has 2.5D arc-rounded edges that blend in well with the screen and allow for a more native look and feel. Besides, the package includes glass films, microfiber cloth, alcohol wipes as well as dust absorber. This screen protector offers the best protection with its IK03 shockproof standard.

Note: To prevent dust and bubbles, the screen protector is slightly smaller than the LCD screen in size.

Work With

Sony Alpha 7C II

Sony Alpha 7CR

Sony Alpha 6700

Sony ZV-E1

Sony Alpha 7 IV

Packing List

4 x Screen Protector

4 x Alcohol Wipe (Wet & Dry)

4 x Fiber Cloth

4 x Dust Absorber

Technical Data

Product Dimensions:73.4 x 49.6 x 0.4mm

Package Dimensions: 90 x 63 x 25mm

Net Weight: 4±1g

Package Weight: 46g±5g

Material: Tempered Glass