SmallRig Adapter Plate for Sony FX3 XLR Handle MD4019

SmallRig Adapter Plate for Sony FX3 XLR Handle MD4019

1. Designed for Sony Alpha 7 IV and Alpha 7S III.

2. Compatible with SmallRig Camera Cages: 3241, 3667, 2999, 3639, 3594.

3. Allows the Sony FX3 XLR Handle to be attached to the camera cage.

4. Does not block other mounting points beyond the top of the cage.

5. Perfectly fits the cage with an anti-twist design.

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Product Description


SmallRig Adapter Plate for Sony FX3 XLR Handle MD4019

SmallRig Adapter Plate for Sony FX3 XLR Handle MD4019 is designed to enhance the stability of the Sony FX3 XLR Handle attached to the hot shoe of Sony Alpha 7 IV or Sony Alpha 7S III. It is available to be mounted onto the top of the cage without blocking other mounting points beyond the top of the cage. Compatible with SmallRig camera cages for Sony: 3241, 3667, 2999, 3639, 3594.

Work With

Cameras: Sony Alpha 7 IV and Sony Alpha 7S III

Cages: 3667, 2999, 3241, 3639, 3594

Packing List

1x Adapter Plate

1x Allen Wrench

Technical Data

Product Dimensions: 66.5 x 38 x 13mm

Package Dimensions: 87 x 79 x 26mm

Product Weight: 25g±5g

Package Weight: 50g±5g

Material(s): Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel