SmallRig SR-RG1 Wireless Shooting Grip 3326

SmallRig SR-RG1 Wireless Shooting Grip 3326

1. Wireless camera shooting grip for select Sony & Canon cameras.

2. Two levels stretch for better selfies and a wider view.

3. Multi-Angle Rotation: tilt 180° and rotate 360° makes vlogging and selfies easier.

4. 3 in 1 design: as a shooting grip, selfie stick, or tabletop tripod.

5. Removeable wireless remote control with integrated control buttons and USB-C charging port.

6. Robust and durable with high-strength Nylon and Glass Fiber material.

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Alcohol wipes or battery items included, please confirm if able to import or export.Especially for country / region:South Korea, India, Taiwan, Japan.
Product Description


SmallRig SR-RG1 Wireless Shooting Grip 3326

SmallRig SR-RG1 Wireless Shooting Grip 3326 is a versatile shooting grip, selfie stick  as well as a tabletop tripod for select Sony and Canon cameras featuring Bluetooth connectivity. This grip is designed to improve shooting stability, ideal for vlogging, live streaming, simple everyday use, and other scenarios. Features  detachable and chargeable wireless remote control that can achieve camera photo,  video, zoom, focus, and other functions, which makes your vlog easier.  The grip is extendable with two levels stretching up to 5.9 inches  for a better selfie and wider view. The integrated head can tilt upward 90°, downward 90°, and rotate 360° for easier positioning. Portable size and lightweight for easy carrying. The bottom  of the grip comes with a 1/4”-20 threaded hole for a tripod to provide a wider view and help to stand when used as a selfie stick.  High-strength nylon and glass fiber make it robust and durable with a payload of up to 1.5kg (0.5kg when stretched).


* Load Capacity: 1.5kg (folded as a grip or tripod); 0.5kg (extended as a selfie stick)

* Please do not use the grip as a tripod when extended as a selfie stick.

* Remote control operating range: 32.8ft (10 meters)


 Sony Camera

1. Turn on the remote control.

2. Pair the unit with the mounted camera.

  Select MENU——Network——[Bluetooth Settings]——[Bluetooth Function]——[On].

  Select MENU——Network——[Bluetooth Rmt Ctrl]——[On].

  Select MENU——Network——[Bluetooth Settings]——[Pairing].

3. Press the REC button and C1 button until the indicator light on the right side flashes stably.

4. When a confirmation message SR-RG1 appears on the camera’s screen, select [OK].

5. When pairing is complete, [Paired] appears, select [OK].   

 Canon Camera

1. Turn on the remote control.

2. Set the camera drive mode to [Remote] or [Self-timer:10 sec/remote or 2 sec remote].

3. Select MENU——Network——[Bluetooth Settings]——[Bluetooth]——[Enable].

4. Select MENU——Network——[WiFi/Bluetooth connection]——[Connect to Wireless Remote]——[Add a device to connect to].

5. Press the REC button and C1 button until the indicator light on the right side flashes stably.

6. When a confirmation message “Paired with SR-RG1” appears on the camera’s screen, select [OK].

* Depending on the camera, the setup method for remote control shooting may differ, please refer to the instruction manual for your camera.

Work With

① Sony Cameras

ZV-1 / ZV-1 II / ZV-1F / ZV-E1 / ZV-E10 / RX100 Ⅶ / RX0 II

Alpha 6100 / Alpha 6400 / Alpha 6600 / Alpha 6700

Alpha 7C / Alpha 7C II / Alpha 7CR / Alpha 7 III / Alpha 7 IV / Alpha 7R III / Alpha 7R IV / Alpha 7R V / Alpha 7S III / Alpha 9 / Alpha 9 II 

② Canon Cameras

EOS M6 Mark II / EOS M50 / EOS M50 II / EOS M200 / EOS R / EOS R5 / EOS R6 / EOS R7 / EOS R10

PowerShot G5X II / G7X III

Packing List

1 x Shooting Grip

1 x USB-C Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

Technical Data

Product Dimensions: 174.8 x 46 x 39.4mm

Package Dimensions: 179.5×71×71mm

Net Weight: 210g±5g

Package Weight: 280g±5g

Materials: Nylon + Glass Fiber, Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel