SmallRig RC220D COB Light (UK) 3619

SmallRig RC220D COB Light (UK) 3619

1. At a distance of 1 meter (3.3 ft.), the maximum illuminance of the bare light source is 10,100 lux. The illuminance level increases to an impressive 98,700 lux after attaching the hyper reflector.

2. TLCI 96+, CRI 95+, ultra-high color rendering, truly restoring the color of objects.

3. Supports manual light control and remote control with the SmallGoGo App. and 9 light effects, Paparazzi, Firework, Lightning, Fault Bulb, etc.

4. Dual power supply system, support AC adapter, and 14.4V/26V V-mount battery.

5. The noise level of the ultra-quiet fan is only 30dB±2dB at 1 meter (3.3 ft.).

6. Built-in silent mode, production is not disturbed by noise.

7. Standard Bowens mount: compatible with most light-control accessories.

8. Comes with a high-quality snowflake cloth portable storage bag.

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Product Description


SmallRig RC220D COB Light (UK) 3619

SmallRig RC220D COB Light (UK) 3619, the first generation point-source LED light of SmallRig. With the latest COB technology and SmallRig's industrial design excellence, the RC 220D is unique.  With the included high-reflectance hyper reflector, at a distance of 1 meter (3.3 ft.), the center illuminance reaches 98,700 lux, Far beyond the same level of products on the market. High color fidelity, CRI 95+, TLCI 96+. Standard Bowens mount allows it to be compatible with more light-control accessories.  9 built-in light effects “Paparazzi, Firework, Lightning, Fault Bulb, TV, Breath, Flash, Party, Flame” and brightness can be remotely controlled by SmallGoGo.

Users and scenarios: Living streaming, V-log, Wedding, Documentary, TVC.


1. The 5 SKUs only have different plug specifications

2. 3472-US, 3618-EU, 3619-UK, 3620-AU, 3938-JP

3. APP download address

Packing List

RC 220D

Protection cover


AC adapter

Power cable

Carrying bag

Technical Data

Color temperature: 5600K±200K

Net weight: 2,850g±20g

Product dimension:240×122×237.6mm

Package weight:5,500g±50g

Package dimension: 510×270×250mm

Packing quantity: 1PC/Carton

Material: PC+ Aluminum alloy