SmallRig Pocket Mobile Cage for iPhone X/XS CPA2204

SmallRig Pocket Mobile Cage for iPhone X/XS CPA2204
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Product Description


SmallRig Pocket Mobile Cage for iPhone X/XS CPA2204

SmallRig Pocket mobile cage for iPhone X/XS CPA2204 is designed to protect your iPhone, and provide a uniform mounting solution for connecting other accessories to achieve mobile photo & video, live streaming, interviewing, vlogging, etc. It features a switch on the top to ensure quick mounting and dismounting of the phone. Its 17mm thread lens mount and an additional Moment lens adapter provide the possibility to connect either 17mm lenses or Moment lenses. The inbuilt rubber shims help absorb shocks and prevent the phone from scratching. The spider-web design for weight loss and mobile phone cooling avoids the side buttons and the interface as well as the antenna area to avert the risk of signal interference. A specially made mount bayonet on the back helps connect to an upcoming “Mobile Head” with the same structure, and mount accessories like a microphone, LED light and so on through the “Extension Plate” we are launching. It also comes with a hidden lanyard hole for a wrist strap. The cage itself is lightweight and compact and can be used as a protective case as well.

Note:1.Align the triangle marks before inserting the lid. 2.Press the lid down before locking/unlocking the phone.

Key Features

1.Form-fitting cage designed for iPhone X & iPhone XS.

2.Compatible with 17mm thread lenses and Moment lenses.

3.Inbuilt rubber shims to absorb shocks and prevent your phone from scratching.

4.Independent locking system to keep the phone stable and secure.

5.The specially made mounting system on the back helps connect to other accessories with the same structure.

Work With

iPhone X, iPhone XS

Packing List

1 x Cage

2 x Moment lens adapter

1 x Adapter installer tool

Technical Data

Product Dimensions: 147.8 x 75.2 x 10.5mm

Package Dimensions: 170 x 97.5 x 21mm

Net Weight: 51g

Package Weight: g

Material(s): Aluminum Alloy