SmallRig MagEase Magnetic CPL Filter Kit (52mm) 4216

SmallRig MagEase Magnetic CPL Filter Kit (52mm) 4216

1. Magnetically and quickly secured.

2. HD glasses from Germany.

3. Waterproof, stain-resistant, mildewproof, and scratch-resistant AR coatings.

4. Ultra-thin metal frame; no vignetting.

5. Magnetically secures SmallRig 52mm magnetic filter adapter ring, safe and stable.

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Product Description


SmallRig MagEase Magnetic CPL Filter Kit (52mm) 4216

SmallRig Attachable CPL Filter Kit (52mm) 4216 can eliminate reflection from non-metallic surfaces (such as lakes, windows, waterfalls, glass, buildings, etc.) and thereby improve image saturation. Increased color saturation means a bluer sky and more transparent water. It can also be used as an ND filter, reducing light by 1-2 stops. To eliminate reflection, you just need to rotate the CPL filter properly.

Made of German Schott B270i HD glass, the filter features waterproof, stain-resistant, mildewproof, and scratch-resistant AR coatings, with less color cast, as well as a CNC-machined ultra-thin frame. No vignetting even in shooting using an ultra-wide angle lens. It can be magnetically and securely attached to SmallRig magnetic filter adapter ring.


1. Rotate the filter to eliminate reflection.

2. Not recommended for use in furious motion or in strong winds.

3. Keep away from strong acids.

Work With

Φ52mm magnetic filter adapter ring

Packing List

CPL Filter x 1

Clean Cloth x 1

Storage Case x 1

Technical Data

Product Dimensions: Φ55mm, 3.5mm thick

Package Dimensions: 93 x 93 x 22mm

Product Weight: 12 ± 1g

Package Weight: 59 ± 5g

Base Diameter: 52mm

Material(s): Glass, Aluminum Alloy