SmallRig LA-R6090 Rectangular Softbox 4199

SmallRig LA-R6090 Rectangular Softbox 4199

1. Classic 2:3 softbox for layered light spread.

2. Industrial-grade cloth with highly-reflective coating makes the light even and softer.

3. Made of sturdy and durable metal to resist repeated squeeze.

4. Honeycomb grid and inner/outer diffusers for use in various scenes.

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Product Description


SmallRig LA-R6090 Rectangular Softbox 4199

LA-R6090 is a rectangular softbox measuring 60 x 90cm. Universal Bowens mount makes it compatible with SmallRig RC120D/ RC120B, RC220D/ RC220B, RC350D/RC350B, RC450D/RC450B, and other Bowens mount lights on the market. Comes standard with inner/outer diffusers and a 45° honeycomb grid for added directionality in various scenes.

Work With

Bowens mount COB LED light

Packing List

1 x Softbox

1 x Inner Diffuser

1 x Outer Diffuser

1 x Black Honeycomb Grid

1 x Carry Bag

1 x User Manual

Technical Data

Inner Box Dimension: 67*23*8 (±1) cm

Outer Box Dimension: 69*48*44 (±1) cm

Opening Softbox Size: 60×90cm

Outer Diffuser Size: 59×87cm

Inner Diffuser Size: 42×62cm

Honeycomb Grid Size: 59×89cm

Product Weight: 1236±5g

Gross Weight: 1485±5g

Material(s): Polyester Fabric (40%), Steel Wire (40%), Oxford Cloth (20%)