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SmallRig L-Bracket for Sony A7III/A7M3/A7RIII/A9 2122C

SmallRig L-Bracket for Sony A7III/A7M3/A7RIII/A9 2122C
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Product Description


SmallRig L-Bracket for Sony A7III/A7M3/A7RIII/A9 2122C

This product is custom designed for Sony A7RIII, A7III and A9 cameras. Both the base plate and the side plate are of Arca-Swiss standard. It mounts to the camera's tripod socket and extends 20mm height for more comfortable gripping. The side plate is detachable and slidable as per your needs. Accessories such as hand straps, and Metabones adapter support 1764 could be attached to it, providing more stability.

Key Features

1.Custom designed for Sony A7RIII/A7III/A9, formfitting and extending 20mm grip height for improved comfort;

2.Base plate and side plate of Arca-Swiss standard for tripod mounting;

3.Removable and slidable side plate for added mounting flexibility;

4.Built-in Allen wrench at the bottom;

5.Opening for hand straps, 1/4"-20 and M4 screws.

Work With


Packing List

1 x L Bracket

1 x Screwdriver

Technical Data

Product Dimensions: 138.2x93.5x60 mm

Net Weight: 170g

Materials: Aluminum Alloy