SmallRig Control Panel for RC 350 / RC 450 COB LED Video Lights 3980

SmallRig Control Panel for RC 350 / RC 450 COB LED Video Lights 3980

1. The Control panel is separated from the light for more reliability when, for example, the COB light is 3 to 4 meters above, or it cannot be controlled via the switch or APP.

2. 2" LCD screen showing lighting parameters allows adjusting brightness, color temperature, built-in special effects, and special effect frequency in real-time.

3. A 3-meter cable connects the COB light via a mini Cannon connector with a lock catch to ensure safe, reliable, and efficient operation.

4. Super clamp with magic arm helps secure the control panel anywhere you like.

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SmallRig RC 350 / RC 450 COB LED Video Light Control Panel 3980

SmallRig Control Panel for RC 350 / RC 450 COB LED Video Light is SmallRig’s latest lighting control gadget and an alternative way of controlling RC 350 / RC 450 lights, except via the light switch and APP. It features a 2"  LCD screen, which shows real-time parameters and status, and thus helps you adjust brightness, color temperature, built-in special effects,  and special effect frequency, and reset Bluetooth. A 3-meter anti-off cable ensures safe, reliable,  and efficient lighting control when the light switch and APP control  are unsatisfactory. Also, the control panel comes with a super  clamp with a magic arm to be secured to the  light stands for easier operation. SmallRig Control Panel for RC 350 /  RC 450 COB LED Video Lights  definitely meets content creators’ demand for simple, practical and efficient lighting control on-site or in the  studio.

Scenarios: Content creation, TVC commercial shooting, studio lighting, studio shooting, live broadcasting, interview, etc., where an  RC 350 / RC 450 LED video light is employed.


1. The first use of this item may trigger a  firmware upgrade. Please wait until it is completed.

2. Whether or not it is in use, please put cables in place in case their intertwining inconveniences you.

3. When you are finished with RC 350/ RC 450, please turn off its switch as well as that of the control panel.

Packing List

1 x Control Panel

1 x Magic Arm

1 x User Manual

Technical Data

Product Weight: 188g

Product Dimensions: 12 x 7 x 3 cm

Package Weight: 492g

Package Dimensions: 17.5 x 15.5 x 8 cm

Material(s): PC