SmallRig 1.55x Anamorphic Lens for Mobile Phone (T-mount) 3578B

SmallRig 1.55x Anamorphic Lens for Mobile Phone (T-mount) 3578B

1. The 1.55x anamorphic lens provides a means to capture a 2.76:1 widescreen aspect ratio, delivering a cinema-like visual experience with dreamy anamorphic glare effects.

2. The lens features a standard T-mount, allowing easy installation and compatibility with T-mount cages, phone cases, and lens clips, suitable for most smartphones and tablets.

3. The lens and mount feature a modular design, with a precise 4-point magnetic alignment system for easy and accurate lens orientation adjustments, reinforced with screws for secure fixation.

4. High-definition optical design ensures a clear image even at the edges of the frame.

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Product Description


SmallRig 1.55x Anamorphic Lens for Mobile Phone (T-mount) 3578B

SmallRig 1.55x Anamorphic Lens for Mobile Phone (T-mount) 3578B is designed to capture cinematic 2.76:1 wide aspect ratio pictures, offering 55% more horizontal frame width than standard 16:9 formats without compression or cropping so that you can experience a cinematic widescreen visual effect akin to movies. Additionally, the lens construction produces a distinctive blue anamorphic flare effect when shooting under strong light sources. Featuring a standard T-mount, this lens is compatible with various accessories like cages, phone cases, or lens clips with T-mount, ensuring versatility across most smartphones and tablets for easy installation. The lens and mount feature a modular design with a precise 4-point magnetic alignment system, allowing convenient adjustments every 90° step for horizontal and vertical alignment. Quickly and accurately adjust the lens orientation based on the T-mount's direction and the orientation of the lens clip. With a fresh industrial design inspired by Panavision cinema lenses, incorporating vintage lens elements in a classic color scheme, this lens exudes a unique aesthetic. Crafted from durable anodized aluminum alloy, it is robust yet lightweight, perfect for on-the-go video creation or pairing with stabilizers to achieve cinematic video effects.


1. Not suitable for mobile phone ultra-wide-angle lenses.

2. Handle the lens carefully to prevent scratches that may affect image quality.

3. Only compatible with devices with T-mount.

4. Ensure the lens is installed completely level or vertical. You can verify this by observing the calibration marks on the lens surface or checking if the lens threads are straight.

5. For optimal performance, use recommended apps, such as Blackmagic Cam, Fotorgear, and Filmic Pro.

6. Keep away from strong acidic liquids.

Work With

1. Compatible with iPhone 11 - 15 series, Samsung Galaxy S21 - S22 series, Huawei Mate 40 - Mate 60 series, Xiaomi 12 - 13 series, vivo X100 Pro.

2. When used on the main camera of the latest flagship models from Oppo Find X6/X7, vivo X100Ultra, Xiaomi 14 Ultra, and SamsungS23-S24 Ultra, slight vignetting may occur.

3. Incompatible with Huawei Pura 70 series.

Packing List

Mobile Lens x 1

Mobile Lens Clip x 1

Silicone Lens Cover x 1

Cleaning Cloth x 1

Storage Box x 1

User Manual x 1

Technical Data

Product Dimensions: 67.0 x 27.0 mm / 2.6 x 1.1 in

Package Dimensions: 182.0 x 130.0 x 76.0mm / 7.1 x 5.1 x 3.0 in

Product Weight: 113.5 ± 5g / 4.0 ± 0.2oz

Package Weight: 380.0 ± 5g / 13.4 ± 0.2oz

Angle (Diagonal): MAX 130°

Magnification: 1.55X

Distortion: -83%

Minimum Focus Distance: 70.0 - 90.0mm / 2.7 - 3.5in

Mount Type: Standard T-mount (M Brand Specification)

Optical Structure: 3 High-Definition Optical Glass Elements

Coating Specification: Multi-layer Anti-reflective Broadband

Material(s): Aluminum Alloy, Glass, Silicone, Magnet

Craftsmanship: Anodized Painting