SmallRig Releases "Star-Trail" and "Revo-Arcane" Multifunctional Modular Shading Bucket System

On June 24, 2022, SmallRig released the "Star-Trail" and "Revo-Arcane" multi-functional modular shading bucket systems, including the "Star-Trail" basic version kit, VND kit, and "Revo-Arcane" basic version kit.

Light control technology and evolutionary quick release system empower the light control ecology of the professional film and television industry.

"Star Shift" 3556 is a Φ 95mm shading bucket system, which is more suitable for SLR and micro-single users; 

"Revo-Arcane" 3641 is a Φ 114mm shading bucket system, which is more suitable for professional photographers who fight in teams and use a lot of movie cameras. They can all be backward compatible with lenses of different sizes by matching the lens adapter ring.

Compared with the previous generation of shading buckets, the "Star-Trail" and "Revo-Arcane" shading bucket systems have achieved two major upgrades in the quick release structure on the basis of the modular design: the filter frame and the extinction cover are upgraded to open and close the quick lock. And the magnetic suction assisted alignment design realizes the quick replacement between modules; the filter frame adopts a built-in anti-dropping safety locking structure to realize the quick replacement of the single-piece filter.

For daily shading and professional light control scenarios, SmallRig recommends a variety of free combinations such as single filter, upper flag board, omnidirectional flag board, VND filter system + follow focus, and users can choose according to actual needs The module can quickly meet the flexible switching of multi-scene light control schemes.  

The shading bucket system is fully compatible with 4×4"/4×5.65" filter frames and VND filter frames, which reduces the distance between the filter and the lens, and minimizes the occurrence of vignetting when shooting with an ultra-wide-angle lens. When the VND filter kit is installed in the innermost slot, it is compatible with ≥16mm ultra-wide-angle lens.

Both the "Star-Trail" and "Revo-Arcane" shading bucket systems can achieve all-round light control by matching the carbon fiber upper flag board and the independent side flag board. The upgraded version of the upper flag board can extend the 0-38° shading area on both sides, bringing users the ultimate professional light control experience. The bottom of the shading bucket can be extended with a double tube clamp bracket, which can effectively support and protect the lens and create a more professional shading overall solution for users.

In addition to the basic version kit this time, SmallRig also released a VND kit to help users ajust light and shade and ensure image quality. The VND kit is composed of 2 CPL polarizers and a VND filter frame. The filter and frame are designed to be quickly disassembled and assembled by magnetic suction.

The low color cast HD filter set is made of German SCHOTT B270 optical glass, with 18 layers of high-transmittance coating on both sides, which can effectively reduce glare and ghosting, waterproof, oil-proof and scratch-proof. CPL polarizer frame adopts standard M0.8 gear module, which can be used alone or compatible with VND composite filter system. 

The heavy release of the "Star-Trail" and "Revo-Arcane" shading bucket systems has broadened the ecology of SmallRig light control products and provided more complete scene solutions for the diverse needs of users. In the future, SmallRig will continue to take the user first as its concept, create a high-quality, all-round product ecosystem, and inject innovative power into multi-scenario solutions.