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Weebill LAB / S

  • Handheld Rig for ZHIYUN Weebill Lab ZW0001

    ① BSS2273 SmallRig Side Mounting Plate with Rosette for Zhiyun Weebill LAB Gimbal

    ② 2113 SmallRig EVF Mount with NATO Rail

    ③ 2100 SmallRig DSLR Monitor Holder with NATO Clamp

    ④ 2177 SmallRig Cage for SmallHD 501/502 Monitor

    ⑤ BSS2277 SmallRig Counterweight Mounting Plate (Manfrotto Type) for Zhiyun Weebill Lab and Zhiyun Crane2

    ⑥ BSS2222B SmallRig Universal Wooden Side Handle for RoninS/Zhiyun Crane Series Handheld Gimbal

    ⑦ 2276 SmallRig Handgrip for Zhiyun WEEBILL LAB and DSLR Camera


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