• SmallRig Sony FX6 Shoulder Kit 3459

    1. Dedicated shoulder kit for SONY FX6.

    2. Two-handed shoulder kit, compatible with the original trigger grip.

    3. Power supply solution, allowing for long-time shooting.

    4. Ergonomically designed silicone shoulder pad for a comfortable shooting experience.


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  • SmallRig LANC Extension Cable for Sony FX6 3404

    1. Connects the original handle to FX6.

    2. Right-angle 3.5mm male to straight 3.5mm female LANC cable.

    3. The cable can be extended to 55cm.

    4. Comes with velcro for easy cable packaging.


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  • SmallRig Handgrip Rosette Adapter for SONY FX6 3403

    1. Transforms the original handle of Sony FX6 to an ARRI rosette interface.

    2. Fixed with both male or female threads, compatible with multiple shooting scenes.

    3. Quickly locked with a cam lever.

    4. Built-in anti-off button, firm and stable.


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